Tilbury Juxta Clare, Essex

Tilbury Juxta Clare, Essex  gallery image 1

Our clients bought this site, and the house needed major renovation together with the out buildings. We redesigned the whole house leaving only the ground walls in place. Adding details such as the oak beams and cottage style windows make this building look great and in keeping with the local area.

This project was not an easy one as the former house was built as a land settlement house between 1934 & 1939 and part of a historical settlement within the area. The house and site was built and set up by the Land Settlement Association which gave small holdings to unemployed workers from depressed industrial areas such as north east England and wales. There are only a small number of original houses left.

This house and site was not original it had been altered in the 1950 and to save the building and land needed to be completely rebuilt. We feel that the design has stayed true to the feel of the settlement.

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