Halstead property feels the heat!

Hot Hot!
Hot Hot!

Now into a 6 week sun scorching heat wave and the property market is still holding up in Halstead and surrounding villages. Those who keep a keen eye on the property portals will have noticed that asking prices are being reduced more than new instructions are coming on. Is this a sign that the housing market is actually cooling off rather than heating up.

The good news for sellers is that there are still plenty of house buyers out there braving the temperatures to view and purchase. Yes, you need to be sensible with your pricing, so getting at least three valuations on your property would be a prudent idea, but dont always be swayed by the highest value. If you are concerned with where the values are coming out, all good agents worth their sort should be able to prove and justify the value they have put on your property.

Even with great photography and presentation, if the price is too high then you will struggle to sell. We lost a property to another national agent three weeks ago because of a (ridiculous) high valuation and suprise suprise that property has been dropped in price not once but twice in that space of time to the value that we suggested in the first place. Frustrating for honest agents and for the sellers aswell.

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